Emotions Every Girl Experiences When She’s In An Almost Relationship

1. Confusion. Almost always sending you mixed signals. One day, you will be convinced they want a relationship with you, and the next day, you will be convinced you’re the one who cares more and you’re only fooling yourself to think you’ll become a couple. No matter how hard you try to figure out what is running through their mind, you never know exactly what the other is thinking. Just when you feel like you have them figured out, they do something that throws you completely off guard and you’re right back at square one again.

2. Excitement. You get butterflies whenever their name appears on your phone, whenever they compliment you on your outfit, whenever their skin brushes against yours on accident. There’s so much chemistry between the two of you that you’re constantly feeling electricity. You’re constantly on a high. You’re constantly feeling awake, adventurous, alive. And you never want that feeling to go away.

3. Impatience. There are some moments when you’re perfectly happy with your almost relationship because it feels like you’re on the right track. And there are other moments when you just want them to make a damn move already. They obviously like hanging out with you and they are obviously attracted to you. So why is it taking them so long to make it official? What is the holdup? Should you be the one to take charge? Or do they simply prefer to take things slow?

4. Jealousy. It’s hard not to get annoyed when the guy you are talking too is flirting with other people — but you have to remind yourself that they don’t owe you anything. They aren’t in an official relationship with you. They don’t have to stay loyal. Of course, that doesn’t make the situation suck any less. If anything, it sucks more because you feel like your emotions aren’t allowed.

5. Fear. Even though you are willing to take a risk on love, there’s still a part of you that is nervous about everything backfiring on you. There are a million questions that run through your head, more commonly than you would like to admit. What if this person hurts you? What if they end up breaking your heart? What if you get stuck grieving a relationship that never existed in the first place? What if getting involved with them was a stupid idea? What if you should’ve kept your heart to yourself? 

6. Disappointment. When someone you assumed would become your partner ends up leaving you alone, you feel foolish. You feel played. Above all, you feel disappointed. There were so many things you wanted to do together. There were so many plans you imagined in your mind. And now it’s all over. They’re gone. And they’re never coming back.

7. Relief. Even though you had your heart set on ending up with them once upon a time, it’s really a relief that it is over. It’s a relief that you don’t have to keep wondering how they feel. It’s a relief that you can finally move on, finally find someone who is better suited for you.

The Beauty In Breakups

You are never stuck in your situation. You are never obligated to continue on an uncomfortable path. You are allowed to change course. You are allowed to rearrange your priorities. You are allowed to walk away from a situation stunting your growth. You are allowed to choose the hardest option, the unpopular option, in order to reach a place of peace..

I am slowly learning to see the silver lining in breakups. Losing love is something to mourn — but it is also something to celebrate. It means you are free from a dead-end relationship and can search for another one that will provide you with everything you need, everything your last relationship was lacking. Breaking up means you are given a fresh chance. It means you get to try again, to feel butterflies again, to share first kisses again.

Even though walking away from someone you love is the most difficult thing you will ever have to do, I am slowly learning to see the beauty in breakups. I am slowly learning to see the benefits they can bring. Even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time, your breakup is going to be good for you. It is going to strengthen you.

When the person you’ve spent ninety-nine percent of your time with leaves, you have hours of untouched time. You can do anything you want with that time. You can travel. You can meet up with friends you haven’t seen. You can pursue a new passion. You can restart your search for love.

Breakups encourage reflection. They push you to take a step back and examine your life, your choices, your paths. They make you wonder whether you are living up to your full potential. They make you reevaluate what means the most to you, what you care about deeply and what you would be okay living without.

Breakups remind you the way you are living is not the only way to live. At any point, you can make a change. At any point, everything can be different. You have the power to change paths, even if you have grown comfortable, even if change sounds scary.

They are a reason to break free from your comfort zone and take more risks.

I am slowly learning to see the beauty in breakups. Losing love is never easy — but it can be a catalyst. It can be the shove you need to send your world hurdling in the right direction. 

7 Life Lessons I have learnt

I thought I would share some valuable life lessons I have learnt so far. Between the better moments in my life, there’s obviously been some really tough times so I feel as though I’ve spent more time feeling deflated, rather than happy this year. Which obviously = some serious life lessons learnt– and me being me, I thought that I’d share just what life has taught me so far this year… (cos’ sharing is caring and all that)

1.) Never ever compare your own life to those the same age as yourself
Throughout the entirety of last year, I made the age old mistake of comparing my own life/achievements to those the same age as myself. Whether that be a quick facebook stalk, or a chat with a friend, I constantly felt inadequate, and if I’m being completely honest, a little sick each time yet another person my age achieved something that I still hadn’t. I felt so so far behind compared to everybody else, as though I was living life wrong almost, and I’ve finally realised that life is not a race, and that everybody has ‘their time’. Things will work out.

2.) The importance of new
How many times as adults do we say to someone we don’t know all that well ‘you know what, I feel like we’d get on so well, do you want to go for cocktails/lunch?’ – I’m guessing hardy ever? But that’s exactly what I’ve been doing and I tell you now; it’s taught me A LOT. It’s boosted my confidence massively, and I’m no longer as painfully shy, if I have to meet up for a work meeting I can do it like a breeze when I’d previously have struggled. So I’m all for taking time out to meet new people and experience new things to help me grow as a person nowadays.

3.) No, THAT won’t do
Carrying out things half heartedly, half assed is just not good enough. I’ve recently learnt that unless you go at something and give it your all, well then you might as well not bother. Mediocre effort simply won’t do, or else what’s the point? Things worth having don’t come easy, so if you want something bad enough you’ve gotta put all of your efforts into it or else you’re only letting yourself down.

4.) It’s absolutely vital that you let your hair down from time to time
Letting your hair down, drinking, dancing and enjoying yourself is SO needed… Now I’m not saying ‘girl, neck an entire bottle of wine, get really drunk and start dancing like you think you’re Shakira’ (totally guilty of that, not going to lie) I’m just saying, make time to have funnn. I think sometimes we can get too caught up in everyday life or we simply think ‘I can’t be bothered tonight’ but it’s so so important to let go and escape ‘real life’ for a while.

Drink fruity cocktails, dance like a diva as though nobody is watching, laugh loudly, sing- life’s too short to spend it constantly bored and stressed. And you don’t even have to go out if that’s not your thing, I’ll do this on the regular in my own bedroom #livingmybestlife.

5.) It’s okay not to be okay
Please just bloody share with people when something is wrong, don’t bottle it up and pretend that you’re okay, just to fake that you’re fine when you really aren’t. Invite a friend round, or have a girly day with your mum and then gossip, cry and laugh with wine and don’t think you have to ‘be strong’ – share feelings as it always feels better, trust me.

6.) Self-belief and confidence is key
You CAN achieve absolutely anything if you really believe in yourself. Self belief is a powerful thing. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” ..And I’m probs going to get a text after my grandma has read this paragraph like ‘Sophia, but you’re the worlds worst for continually doubting yourself’ and she’d be 100% right to do so because I really am the worst for this, which is why I’m starting to learn that I’m actually less productive and unlikely to achieve when I have this mindset, when I focus and tell myself that I can the difference in progress is HUGE.

7.) Lazy, self care days are vital to recharge batteries
And last but not least; it’s impossible to pour from an empty cup, meaning that entire days spent watching films, eating good food and taking time to chill and reenergise are absolutely needed. Have a pamper night and get ready to tackle the week ahead with so much more motivation! I’m thinking I’m going to buck my ideas up and cheer the hell up. I’m definitely aiming after lockdown to be more sociable, fun and carefree as what’s happened has happened now!

Do you lot have any valuable life lessons to share? I’d love to hear them!