Someone New – How It Happened?

You know when in the early stages of a relationship when something just “clicks” into place? Like all of a sudden you’re no longer dating … you’re in a relationship. Things just “click” into place and you find yourself doing “normal” things together, rather than just the date-stuff you’d usually do to…Well, that moment happened in July….

Everything just fell into place and felt right, both lying on his bed watching netflix, and it kinda happened… he asked me to be his! The sides I have seen have been beautiful. He laughs a lot. We laugh a lot. I love making him laugh, and I’ve found myself doing things that I’ve never done with other people just to see him laugh.

I’m 100% myself around him. That’s it. That’s what happened. That’s what clicked between us. He makes me feel comfortable, safe, totally at ease. I dance around, I sing at the top of my very bad singing voice so does he… I laugh with him at my camel toe in my new joggers instead of being totally embarrassed, and I sit there for three hours whilst he plays on the Xbox just chilling with my legs over him enjoying his company.

I’m trying to put all my thoughts in a row here but there are simply too many things I need to tell you. It’s hard work trying to put 9 months of dating into one blog post. I’m going to need to break this down over a couple of blog posts. Not a bad thing.. more content and It’ll give me something to do. Or reminisce over? I have a ton of work.

He’s horny. All. The. Time. I’m a horny little thing sometimes, and especially in the first flourishes of a new relationship, but he’s something else. After a while, all that sex starts to do something to you. To be frank … it ruins you. Sometimes my vagina.

I don’t smoke, I don’t hate that he smokes. I thought I would. Instead I love the way the cigarette smell lingers on him afterwards, and it hasn’t encouraged me to smoke either. When he goes out for a fag and then gets back into bed behind me, pulling me in close, that cigarette-scent bringing a smile to my face. It’s like a happy, familiar scent. But if anyone else smokes around me I can’t stand it. How odd?

We fit together. When he stands behind me, his belly fits into the curvature of my back. When he climbs back into bed behind me, spooning me and hugging me tight, we slot together perfectly. When he hugs me, he’s just the right height and width to make me feel tiny, protected, and completely safe. When we fuck, everything just drops into place. Every part of our lives have come together, almost like a zip being pulled closed, and nothing has stopped us or gotten in the way of that steady flow. NOT even a pandemic, With every relationship step we take, another notch of that zipper comes together. We just … fit.

He can be really lazy. I can be super lazy too, but he has a tendency to say he’ll do things and then not actually do them. Then Leave it too me last minute. typical bloke.

I’m more patient than I thought I was. I’m more adaptable than I thought I was too. And when you meet someone you’re meant to be with, you know. Instantly, you just know. He’s like the best friend I’ve always wanted. The Bestie I WANT to fuck. I want to tell him everything, and I do. He knows about the blog, but he knows what I write. I’ve shown him a few pieces in a word document format, and he’s always praised my work after he’s read it. He’s excited about it. He doesn’t probe to know more. He doesn’t interfere. He asks occasional questions but for the most part he just lets me talk about it when I want to.

I have fallen for him, hook, line and sinker. And yes, I’m worried that I’m not not noticing the red flags because I’m sure there have probably been some.

But I really have fallen for him. And that’s that. I’m kinda hoping he doesn’t turn into a dick now, if I’m being honest. I don’t know if I’d cope with that well. I’ve done exactly the thing I said I wouldn’t do again, and I’ve fallen head over heels in love over again.

Please let’s not fuck this up

The Three-Week Accidental Holiday

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