A Survivor? Me?

My friend said something to me the other day that made me take a step back. She called me a “survivor”. I apparently “survived” domestic abuse. Did I? Am I a survivor? I agree that I was in a violent relationship. It was violent, abusive and very soul-destroying, or so I thought. Was my relationship as bad as thoseContinue reading “A Survivor? Me?”

What I’ve Learnt Being Single & Dating

I’ve changed so much over the last 6 months or however long it’s been since I became single, and the stuff I’ve learnt about not only myself but relationships and life and everything that comes with it has been very much welcomed into my brain that had become a place that thought it was normalContinue reading “What I’ve Learnt Being Single & Dating”

Emotions Every Girl Experiences When She’s In An Almost Relationship

1. Confusion. Almost always sending you mixed signals. One day, you will be convinced they want a relationship with you, and the next day, you will be convinced you’re the one who cares more and you’re only fooling yourself to think you’ll become a couple. No matter how hard you try to figure out what isContinue reading “Emotions Every Girl Experiences When She’s In An Almost Relationship”

The Beauty In Breakups

You are never stuck in your situation. You are never obligated to continue on an uncomfortable path. You are allowed to change course. You are allowed to rearrange your priorities. You are allowed to walk away from a situation stunting your growth. You are allowed to choose the hardest option, the unpopular option, in orderContinue reading “The Beauty In Breakups”

Grow through – What you go through

It’s a quote I see on Instagram all the time, and usually cringe at, because I cringe at most things, but when you’re going through a shit time, you tend to not cringe as much. When I saw this quote the other day, I started thinking about the shit times in my life; the properlyContinue reading “Grow through – What you go through”