Heels And Boobs

I have a job in a nightclub working behind the bar serving customers drinks and bringing out booth packages. I use to be in charge of VIP booths serving arrogant men who thought they were strucking gold upon me by tipping me £20 after 4 hours of leering and making a mess, and occasionally me marching over with a bucket of ice with overprized vodka, with sparklers, and of course I do wear massive heels.

Those can be some of the most traumatic nights, and not because of the gross men; because of the pain I would be in! My feet actually used to bleed, and I’d get home at about 4am with blisters the size of Mars, and swollen feet. I’d hobble to the toilet during my shift and just sit down and take my shoes off, I’m not even joking.

Anyway back to topic, Just a tip for you ladies who love wearing heels this will save your lives! You need to invest in some Gel cushions if you haven’t already, that you can pop under the balls of your feet to bring you a tonne more comfort than wearing heels without anything, and they honestly do work, and they’re so cheap too. If you get painful feet on a night out, or have to wear heels for work, you need these in your life – they have a sticky side too so they won’t slip out.

Now Boobs and Bras….

Basically I’m not a very big person in general (aside from in the bum department, that area doesn’t seem to have an issue in growing!), I’ve always been quite small in height and frame, my build is just generally petite, meaning that I’ve never had big boobs.

Big boobs, small boobs, and every size in between are all beautiful and all sexy and no one should ever tell you differently. I think there are probably a lot of fellow small chested girls out there who feel like they can’t invest in gorgeous, pretty and lovely bras simply because they don’t see the point but I’m here to tell you that you can and you should. So here are the best designed bras for small boobs.

A bra with no padding whatsoever which you may think is a strange choice for a small chest but actually, once you embrace having small boobs you will realise that thin bras with no padding and delicate detailing are actually one of the best choices. They extenuate what you do have and they look gorgeous on. They may not be the best type of bras for a white t shirt but a loose blouse, or just for the bedroom, this is a perfect bra.

Feminine colours and patterns are always complimentary to small boobs especially with a tan; who said pale pink couldn’t be sexy?! The darker pink lace edging frames your boobs and makes them look rounder and more shapely.

The fitted cups and balcony style will hold your boobs better and make the most out of their size. It has a very thin piece of padding but that’s all that is needed; when you have small boobs you tend to think you need a massively padded bra but all that will do is drown your boobs, gape forward at the front and ride up around your chest.

Black is also a really great colour for making it look like you’ve got a little more than you have, and a bow detail in the middle makes the cups and therefore your boobs, stand out more!

A bralet style compliments a small chest SO well, This is so perfect for smaller busted ladies and the moulded cups mean again, they make the most out of what you’ve got.

So there we have it a post on how to handle wearing high heels and what bras will look cute.

Peace, Love and Gin Xo